Wildlife needs peace too…


The year 2016 was all about several lows (unfortunately) and a few highs for the environment. Across the globe, unethical tourism is still a major contributor to the lows. In India, it was no different — right from elephants found dead with plastic in their stomach (thanks to garbage dumping near National Parks) and death of selfie-crazed individuals in the hands of innocent wildlife to rise in wildlife mortality by greedy resort owners refusing to give up illegal properties. While it is lovely to get away from the mayhem of the city for a holiday to the quiet forests, what’s important is we keep it that way. Quiet, clean, and ensuring zero stress to wildlife.

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Pakke Tiger Reserve


Having failed in shaking off the relentless stare-down by the blazing September sun, we reached the guesthouse quite bronzed.The first thing I noticed was an elephant quietly foraging with its back to us, and it wasn’t the tame individual that’s held captive at the forest department. I was thrilled!

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Economic value of ecosystem services


American biologist E O Wilson once said, “Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction.” In today’s world, people pay for these services (in an urban setup) generously, and yet, nature provides that same for free. How then, has it always been taken for granted?

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White Stem borers – bitter coffee this!

Picture: by NICE

Picture: by NICE

This year, the monsoon has not been very kind to the coffee growers in Kodagu district of Karnataka. Besides low rainfall, they are now dealing with another critical problem — most of their crops are infested with coffee white stem borers (CWSB). Continue reading

Solastalgia state of mind


Adopted without any discussion and passed in a hurry – the Karnataka Urban Development Authorities (Amendment) Bill, 2016 seeks to reduce the area to be reserved for public parks and playgrounds in layouts from the present 15% of the total area to 10%; and further reduce area reserved for civic amenities from the present 10% to 5%… here we go again, sigh!   Continue reading