Books devoured and treasured…the list continues!
In no particular order

2Albert Camus – Lyrical and critical essays

Albert Camus – The rebel

Annie Frank – The diary of a young girl

Anthony Price – A new kind of war

Autobiography of Booker T Washington -Up from slavery

Aldous Huxley – Brave new world

Anatoli Boukreev – The climb

Alvin Toffler – The third wave

Adolf Hitler – Mein Kampf

Adrian Cowell – The tribe that hides from man

Ayn Rand – Atlas shrugged

Ayn Rand – Anthem

Ayn Rand – The voice of reason

Ayn Rand – The fountainhead

Alan Gurganus – White people

Alvin and Heidi Toffler – War and anti-war

Alan Paton – Cry, the beloved country

Anthony Sampson – The seven sisters

Allister Maclean – The lonely sea

Alfred Sundel – A history of Aztecs and the Mayas and other conquest

Arkon Daraul – A history of secret societies

Aung San Suu Kyi – Freedom from fear

Albert Camus – Resistance, rebellion, and death

Anna Politkovskaya – A dirty war

APJ Abdul Kalam – Wings of fire

Anthony Burgess – A clockwork orange

Adam Armstrong – Song of the sound

Arundathi Roy – The god of small things

Alexander Solzhenitsyn – Cancer ward

Annick Smith – Homestead

Alan Caillou – Bichu the jaguar

Anne Rice – Cry to heaven

Amir Khusrau – In the bazaar of love

Alex Haley – The autobiography of Malcolm X

Alice Walker – The colour purple

Anthony Doerr – All the light we cannot see

Bill Bryson – Down Under

Bill Bryson – Notes from a big Country

Barry Lopez – Arctic Dreams

Basil Davidson – In the eye of the storm

Brian Marriner – Cannibalism

Brain Herbert, Kevin J Anderson       – Dune

Catherine Caufield – In the rainforest

Canyon Sam – Sky train

CS Forester – The nightmare

Craig Thomas – A wild justice

Cynthia Moss – Elephant memories

Carlos Castaneda – A separate reality

Carlos Castaneda – The eagles gift

Colson Whitehead – The underground railroad

Carsten Stroud- Snipers moon

Chandrahas Choudhury – Arzee the dwarf

Colin Wilson – The occult

Colin Thubron – The lost heart of Asia

Colin M Turnbull – Tradition and change in African tribal life

Chinua Achebe – Things fall apart

Caroline Fraser – Rewilding the world

Charles Darwin – The origin of species

Chrisopher McDougall – Born to run

Cormac McCarthy – No country for old men

Charles de Lint – Someplace to be flying

Coralie Younger – Wicked women of the Raj

Dan Brown – Digital fortress

Dan Brown – Deception point

Dan Brown- The Da Vinci code

Dan Brown – Angels and demons

Daphne Sheldrick – An African love story

DC Comics – DC goes ape

David K Leonard – African success

Dee Brown – Bury my head at wounded knee

David Grann – The lost city of Z

David Quammen – The flight of the iguana

DH Lawrence – Twilight in Italy

Dean Konntz – Icebound

Dalene Matthee – Circles in a forest

Dean Konntz – Strange highways

Dean Konntz – From the corner of his eye

Dean Konntz – Winter moon

Douglas C Jones – Arrest sitting bull

Darrell Garwood – Thirty five years of CIA

Daniel Defoe – Adventures of Robinson Crusoe


E Annie Proulx – The shipping news

Ernest Hemingway – The old man and the sea

Ernest Hemingway – True at first sight

Ernest Hemingway – A farewell to arms

Edgar Alan Poe – Ten great mysteries

EF Schumacher – Small is beautiful

Edward Abbey – Desert Solitaire

EL Doctorow – Loon lake

Eric Newby – The big red train ride

Emily Bronte – Wuthering heights

Edgar Alan Poe – Mystery and imagination

EL Doctorow – Billy Bathgate

Edward Marriott – The lost tribe

Edward Behr – Anyone here been raped and speaks English

Eric Helm – Vietnam, ground zero

Erika Cheetham – The prophecies of Nostradamus

Edited by James Little – Way out there – the best of Explore

Edited by Sebastian Faulks, Jerg Hensgen – The vintage book of war stories

Edited by WE Williams – A book of English essays

Edited by Jon E Lewis – The mammoth book of journalism

Edited by Joseph Mersand – Great narrative essays

Edited by Lewis Copeland, Lawrence W Lamm & Stephen J Mckenna – The world’s greatest speeches

Edited by Leo Panitch, Colin Leys – Violence today
Edited by RW Jepson – Short stories by modern writers

Edited by Jon E Lewis – Endurance & adventure

Edited by Lionel Casson – Classical age

Edited by Bill Pronzini, Martin H Greenberg – The mammoth book of World War 2 stories

Edited by Khuswanth Singh – New Indian fiction – contemporary writing in English

Edited by Abraham Chapman – New black voices

Edited by Jon E Lewis – The mammoth book of how it happened, Everest

Editors of rolling stone – The age of paranoia

Edited by Alec Robertson, Denis Stevens –   The pelican history of music

Edited by Bernadette McDonald – Extreme landscape

Edited by Jonathan Cott – Dylan on Dylan

Edited by Robyn Davidson – Journeys, an anthology

Elizabeth Kolbert – The sixth extinction

Ed Viesturs – K2: Life & death on the world’s most dangerous mountain

Edward Abbey – The monkey wrench gang

Frank Kafka – The diaries of Frank Kafka

Franz Kafka – The trial

Farley Mowat – Sea of slaughter

Frans de Waal – are you smart enough to know how smart animals are

Frank Herbert – Dune

Farley Mowat – Never cry wolf

Farley Mowat – And no birds sang

Frank McCourt – Angela’s ashes

Franz Schurmann and Orville Schell – Imperial China

Frederick P Grove – In search of myself

Fidel Castro – On imperial globalisation

Frank McCourt – ‘Tis

Felice Benuzzi – No picnic on Mount Kenya

Fyodor Dostoyevsky – The possessed

George B Schaller – Stones of silence

George Orwell – Animal farm

George Orwell – Essays

George Orwell – 1984

Gunter Grass – The tin drum

George RR Martin – Game of thrones

Gretel Ehrlich – Islands the universe, home

Graham Greene – The ministry of fear

Gordon Vorster – The textures of silence

Gerald Durrell – The drunken forest

George Catlin – North American Indians

Gore Vidal – On our own now

Gore Vidal – Washington

Geoffrey Turner -Indians of North America

Graham Swift – Waterland

Graham Greene – The human factor

Gregory David Roberts – Shantaram


Herman Wouk – The winds of war

Haruki Murakami – Kafka on the shore

Haruki Murakami – The elephant vanishes

Haruki Murakami – Underground

Haruki Murakami – After dark

Henri Charriere – Papillon

Henry Miller – Tropic of cancer

Henry Miller – Plexus

Henry Miller – Black spring

Henry Kyemba – State of blood

Henry David Thoreau – Walden and other writings

Harper Lee – To kill a mockingbird

Heinrich Harrer – Seven years in Tibet

Han Suyin – And the rain my drink

Hiren Gohain – The contribution of the revolutionists in India’s freedom struggle

Hiram Bingham – Lost city of the Incas

Homer – The Odyssey

Hugh Prather – Notes to myself

Harriet Beecher Stowe – Uncle Tom’s cabin

Henry Williamson – Tarka the otter

Isak Dinesen – Out of Africa

Ishmael Beah – A long way gone

Iain Banks – Espedair street

Irving Wallace – The word

Isaac Asimov – Foundation’s edge

Irving Stone – Jack London, sailor on horseback

Jack London – The call of the wild

Jack London – The star rover

Jack London – White fang

Jack London – To build a fire and other stories

Jack London – The sea wolf

Jack London – The people of the abyss

Joseph Conrad – Heart of darkness

Joseph Conrad – Heart of darkness

Joseph Conrad – The secret agent

Joseph Conrad – Typhoon and the shadow line

Joseph Conrad – The nigger of narcissus

Joseph Conrad – Victory

John Pilger – Hidden agendas

Jeremy Scahill – Dirty wars

Joe Simpson – Touching the void

Joseph Conrad – Youth and the end of the tether

Joseph Conrad – An outcast of the islands

Jay Griffiths – Wild – an elemental journey

Joe Simpson – The Beckoning Silence

Jonathan Kandall – Passage through El Dorado

Jung Chang – Wild Swans

John Briely – Cry Freedom

JD Salinger – The catcher in the rye

Jack Kerouac – Into the wild

Jack Kerouac – On the road

Jack Kerouac – The dharma bums

Jamil Ahmad – The wandering falcon

JG Ballard – Empire of the son

John Hersey – Too far to walk

Jim Corbett – Jungle lore

Jean Kerr – The snake has all the lines

JiM Morrison – Wilderness

Joseph Heller- Catch 22

Joseph Heller – Picture this

Joseph Heller – Something happened

Jerry Hopkins and Danny Sugerman – No one here gets out alive

James Dickey – Deliverance

Jean M Auel – The clan of the cave bear

James Joyce – The portrait of the artist as a young man

Jane Goodall – In the shadow of man

Jared Diamond – Collapse

Jared Diamond – Guns, germs and steel

James A Michener – Iberia

John Berendt – Midnight in the garden of good and evil

James Bunting – Adolf Hitler

Joy Adamson – Born free

JRR Tolkien – The fellowship of the ring

Janaki Lenin – My husband and other animals

John Gunther – Inside Europe today

John O’Hara – The big laugh

John Oliver Killens – And then we heard the thunder

John T Flynn – While you slept

James Baldwin – Go tell it on the mountain

Jean M Auel – The valley of horses

John Le Carre – A perfect spy

Jeff noon – Nymphomation

John Steinbeck – Of mice and men and cannery row

John Steinbeck – To a god unknown

John Milton – The lost horizon

John Livingston Lowes – The road to xanadu

James Cavell’s – King rat

John creasey – Gideon’s lot

Jules Verne- Around the world in 80 days

Jeremy Rosen – Kabbalah

James Joyce – Ulysses

John Christopher – The long voyage

Jean p Sasson – The rape of Kuwait

Kent Harut – Plainsong

Kazuo Ishiguro – The unconsoled

Kazuo Ishiguro – When we were orphans

Kahil Gibran – Complete works

K Ulllas Karanth – The way of the tiger

K Ulllas Karanth – A view from the machan

Kenize Mourad – Our scared land

Kunal Basu – Racists

Kenzaburo Oe – The silent cry

Kobo Abe – The face of another

Kurt Vonnegut – Slaughterhouse 5

Konstantine Simonov – Days and nights

Kuki Gallmann – I dreamed of Africa

Kuzhali Manickavel – Insects are just like you and me except some of them have wings

Leon Uris – Mila 18

Leon Uris – Exodus

Leon Uris – Topaz

Leon Uris – The Haj

Leon Uris – Battle cry

Lawrence Anthony – The elephant whisperer

Lawrence Anthony – The last rhinos

Leo Tolstoey – What is art

Leo Tolstoey – The death of Ivan Ilyich

Leonard Cottrell – The bull if minos

Lewis Cotlow – The twilight of the primitive

L Sprague de Camp – The ancient engineers

Louis L’Amour – Education of a wandering man

Louis L’Amour – Last of the breed

Laurens Van Der Post – A story like the wind

Ladislas Farago – The game of the foxes

Markus Zusak – The book thief

Mitch Albom – Five people you meet in heaven

Mitch Albom – Tuesdays with Morrie

Michael Blake -Dances with wolves

Moses Isegawa – Abyssinian Chronicles

Michael Harris Goodman – The last dalai lama

Martin Amis – Times arrow

Martin Amis – The information

Mikhail Solviev – My nine lives in the red army

Maya Angelou – All god’s children need travelling shoes

Marvin Harris – Cows, pigs, wars and witches

Maurice Herzog – Annapurna

Masanobu Fukuoka – The one-straw revolution

Martin Buckley – Grains of sand

Max Hastings – Going to wars

Michael Shaara – The killer angels

Merlin Minshall – Guilt-edged

Masuji Ibuse – Black rain

Matthew Reily – Contest

Mark Twain – Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn

Mario Puzo – The family

Mario Puzo – Godfather

Norman Mailer – The presidential papers

Norman Mailer – The executioner’s song

Norman Mailer – Ancient evenings

Naseer Rahmed, Saurabh Singh – Kashmir pending

Neil Gaiman – Neverwhere

Neil Gaiman – Fragile things

Naomi Klein – This changes everything

Niebuhr – Moral man and immoral society

Nihal De Silva – The road from elephant pass

Nien Cheng – Life and death in Shanghai

Norman Lewis – A goodness in the stones

Nicholas Evans – The horse whisperer

Nick Rosen – Off the grid

Outside 25 – Classic Tales & New Voices from the Frontiers of Adventure

Pat Barker – Regeneration

Parry ebony satin brown – The shirt off his back

Pierre Loti – India

Pico Iyer – Falling off the map

Paul Theroux – Dark Star Safari

Paul Radin – The world of primitive man

Peter Matthiessen – The tree where man was born

Peter Matthiessen – The snow leopard

Petru Popescu – Amazon beaming

P Sainath – Everybody loves a good draught

Peter Jenkins – Across China

Pearl S buck – The good earth

Prerna Singh Bindra – The vanishing: India’s wildlife crisis

Pearl S buck – The living reed

PH Wodehouse – Piccadilly Jim

Ramachandra Guha – Patriots and partisans

Ramachandra Guha – India after Gandhi

Robert E Svoboda – Aghora 3

Robert Ludlum- The Matlock paper

Robert Ludlum – The Bourne identity

Radhakant Bharati – Rivers of India

Richard Bach – A gift of wings

Richard Bach – Illusions

Richard Ellis – On Thin Ice

Ralph Helfer – Modoc

Redmond O’Hanlon – Congo journey

Ray Bradbury – Fahrenheit 451

Robert M Sapolsky – A primate’s memoir

Rayford W logan, Michael R Winston – The negro in the united states

Raymond Firth – Human types

Robert M Pirsig – Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance

Rachel Carson – Silent spring

Richard L Harris – Che Guevara

Rupert Furneaux – Ancient mysteries

Rohinton Mistry – A fine balance

Richard Herman JR – Forces of eagles

Ralph Waldo Emerson – Essays and poems

Ralph Waldo Emerson – Essays

Ralph Waldo Emerson – Selected essays, lectures and poems

Suketu Mehta – Maximun city

Sir Walter Scott -Kenilworth

Salman Rushdie – Step across this line

Shoba Naidu – On the yeti trail

Salman Rushdie – Shalimar, the clown

Santimoy Ray – Freedom movement and Indian muslims

Stephen King – Cujo

Stephen King – Desperation

Sir Walter Scott – The talisman

Sidney Hook – Marx and the marxists

Slawomir Rawicz – The long walk

Sebastian Faulks – Charlotte gray

Sigmund Freud – Interpretation of dreams

Stephen King – The drawing of the three

SA Ayer – Story of I.N.A

Saul Bellow – Humboldt’s gift

Stephen W Hawking – A brief history of time

Sun Tzu – The book of war

Salman Rushdie – Shame

Senastian Junger – The perfect storm

Stephen Fry – Paperweight

Steff Penney – The tenderness of wolves

Saul Bellow – The rain king

Stephen King – The dead zone

Sebastian Faulks – Birdsong

Stephen King – Rose madder

Steve Elsworth – Acid rain

Sebastian Faulks – The fatal Englishman

Taslima Nasrin – Lajja

The prince Philip, James Fisher – Wildlife crisis

Thomas Keneally – Schindler’s arc

Terry Goodkind – Blood of the fold

Todd Balf – the last river

Tim O’Brien – The things they carried

Tony Geraghty – Guns for hire

Timothy Findley- Not wanted on the voyage

Thomas Keneally – Towards Asmara

TE Lawrence – Seven pillars of wisdom

Tanya Reinhart – Israel/Palestine

Todd Balf – The last river

Thurston Clarke – Searching for paradise

Thomas Keneally – Jacko the great intruder

Thomas Berger – Crazy in Berlin

Takashi Matsuoka – Cloud of sparrows

Thomas Gifford – The windchill factor

Tom Wolfe – The electric kool-aid acid test

Timothy Findley – Famous last words

Tom Clancy – The cardinal of the Kremlin

The anchor essays annual – The best of 1997

Virginia Woolf – Jacob’s room

VS Naipaul – An area of darkness

VS Naipaul – Guerrillas

Vikram Seth – From heaven lake

Virginia Woolf – To the lighthouse

Vladimir Nabokov – Loloita

Virginia Woolf – A writers diary

William Golding – Lord of the flies

Walter Musley – Bluelight

W Somerset Maugham – On human bondage

WEB Du Bois – The souls of black folk

Wendy Kaminer – Its all the rage

WH Hudson – Nature in downland

Winnie Mandela – Part of my soul

Winston Spencer Churchill – My African journey

William E Burrows, Robert Windrem – Critical mass

William L Shirer – Berlin diary

William Faulkner – Sanctury

Wilbur Smith – Cry wolf

W Michael Gear, Kathleen O’Neal Gear -People of the fire

William Baze – Just elephants

Wilbur Smith – A time to die

Wilbur Smith – Elephant song


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