Large carnivores that hunt prey in harmony

How often do tigers attack and kill leopards? Or are a pack of wild dogs up for a stand-off with a tiger? There have been several such documented anecdotes in the past.

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Wildlife needs peace too…


The year 2016 was all about several lows (unfortunately) and a few highs for the environment. Across the globe, unethical tourism is still a major contributor to the lows. In India, it was no different — right from elephants found dead with plastic in their stomach (thanks to garbage dumping near National Parks) and death of selfie-crazed individuals in the hands of innocent wildlife to rise in wildlife mortality by greedy resort owners refusing to give up illegal properties. While it is lovely to get away from the mayhem of the city for a holiday to the quiet forests, what’s important is we keep it that way. Quiet, clean, and ensuring zero stress to wildlife.

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Economic value of ecosystem services


American biologist E O Wilson once said, “Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction.” In today’s world, people pay for these services (in an urban setup) generously, and yet, nature provides that same for free. How then, has it always been taken for granted?

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White Stem borers – bitter coffee this!

Picture: by NICE

Picture: by NICE

This year, the monsoon has not been very kind to the coffee growers in Kodagu district of Karnataka. Besides low rainfall, they are now dealing with another critical problem — most of their crops are infested with coffee white stem borers (CWSB). Continue reading

Gently keeping the giants away

chilly smoke

This harsh pitiless summer didn’t just make us humans hapless hotheads, but more importantly,  drained the sap out of wildlife. News of human-wildlife interactions nothing but tripled across the Western Ghats. The year began with 6 elephant mortalities, 6 human deaths and over 9 human-elephant interactions reported in a period of just one month starting January 1, 2016. It has only deteriorated ever since, the last being that of an elephant electrocuted in Mysuru in May 2016.

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