Reading in 2017

This year has been pretty good. Unlike my regular picks, I also ventured into the world of fiction, something I don’t do often. But I have no complaints – it’s been totally worth it.

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2015: Book 5

Todd Balf: The Last River

the last river

Every once in a while I develop a sweet tooth for titles that positively kick my sluggish ass outdoors. I finally decided to give The Last River a shot. The fact that the author is a former senior editor for Outside Magazine just made this book a blue-chip. Like I expected, I couldn’t get myself to even take coffee breaks while I lived through the journey.

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2015: Book 3

John Briley: Cry Freedom

1 (1)One of the ways to learn from history is to dig out the dirt and feel the wounds… understand, read, look for signs… but always feel – feel deeply for the exploited, discriminated, and the oppressed – when justice failed time after time, when despotism and imperialism stumped innocent lives, and for those deplorable times when color triumphed, yes, that’s right, “color”… Continue reading