Books I enjoyed reading – 2016


Didn’t really get to read much this year – made up for lost time in the fag end and Yeah, I was in the mood for some travel and adventure.

My mind craved for inspiring words, places that could take me away – to¬†experience the mountains, the woods, feel the wall of silence in the Arctic, the buzzing of mosquitoes in Africa, laugh with Mr Bryson in Australia, and all those lovely folks living incredible lives in the outdoors…

  1. Richard Ellis – On Thin Ice
  2. Bill Bryson – Notes from a big Country
  3. Bill Bryson – Down Under
  4. Edited by James Little – Way out there – the best of Explore
  5. Outside 25 – Classic tales and new voices from the Frontiers of Adventure
  6. Paul Theroux – Dark Star Safari
  7. Barry Lopex – Arctic Dreams
  8. Jonathan Kandell – Passage through El Dorado
  9. Joe Simpson – The Beckoning Silence
  10. Jung Chang – Wild Swans

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