Books I enjoyed reading: 2015

Topping the list will definitely be the simply must-haves (a) In the Rainforest. Catherine Caufield takes you everywhere – deep jungles, deserts, to the seas… I mean, this is journalism at its best. There is so much to learn from Caufield’s experiences and then some!

And of course, (b) the “wild” woman, Jay Griffiths. Talk about a free spirit, a constant yearn for silence in nature’s abode, soul exploration, spiritual rummage, drugs – the healing kind – in Wild, an Elemental Journey, Griffiths does what she knows best – plays with words eloquently and tears it down to its raw, beautiful naked form. Absolutely passionate and brave – I love this book!

I have tip-toed the unforgiving mountain rocks with Peter Matthiessen, felt the beautiful soul of  locals through Heinrich Harrer and feel revived every time a manic heart sets out for the Shangri-La… Can’t get enough of it! However, I picked Sky Train not because it was only about Tibet, but here is a third generation Chinese American, Canyon Sam, making us understand the magic that was Tibet to the bedlam it is today – all through the lives and experiences of four women – and it took her 19, that’s right, 19 years to complete this beautiful narrative.

I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face till I experienced, travelled and relived the Congo Journey with the funny man, Redmond O’Hanlon. Simply wonderful! This is how travel writers should be, such a joy!

Adding to this list:

Todd Balf – The last river

Richard Dawden – Africa

Christopher McDougall – Born to run

Tim O’Brien – The things they carried

John Briley – Cry Freedom

Laurens Van Der Post – Yet being someone other





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