An alcoholic’s plea


To find a cure…In a red vase of ivy, that snubs the lump of truth.
To find a cure…In forlorn sheds, with bright stains of melancholy.
To find a cure…In accomplices, who flee with a slice of you.
To find a cure…In her, that seeks deep pockets and empty hearts.
To find a cure…In shadows, whispers from yesteryears that never quit.
To find a cure…In vengeance, the bitter-sweet reminiscences.
To find a cure…In unseen love, the chimera of yen.
To find a cure…In self-pity, the bowels of remorse.
To find a cure…In a tear, yellow and saline, free flowing.
To find a cure…In the world, that shuts all doors.
To find a cure…In challenges, words of triumph & shame.
To find a cure…In could have (been)s – the illusion in the mirror.
To find a cure…In a glass, that shatters the cells of being.
To find a cure…For a clock that never works, For a heart that never reasons, For a mind that never sleeps.
The end is near, and fear afar,
The beats are faint, and the mind lay awake.
A defeat, alas! The fallen man smiles.
But he never did need a cure, he never did!


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