Nature’s wrath


A wedged view through the window,

the eye seek cemented entity of nothingness –

The clatter and rattle shatters the silence.

All cloaked in grey, the sky gives away nothing.

The sun holds his ground, lavishing hot quakes,

down the lanes and doorways, playing games.

They fly and curse; the barks will be shred –

The lil’ green joy threatened by shadows.

Smog gathers pace, and so does venom,

taking birth in each living atom.

A few quiver, a few show vigor,

but the seas of faces embrace it.

The entity of nothingness is now fluid,

but the sea shall show no sympathy.

The venom is real, the atoms are gruesome,

but the sun shall have no mercy.

The eye behind the window blinks

–  But this is not someone else’s dream!


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