The wind


It slowly heaves and huffs,

like a perfectly synchronized breathing –

A cure for the restless heart.

It whirls around the leaves,

that shudders and sways in anticipation –

Shedding inhibitions and ridding the past.

Its embrace stiffens the trunk,

sending down shivers down the roots –

A girlie giggle swells, stories divulged!

The arms flap in unison, and hiss in approval,

the grey roof implies reward.

It bursts against the window,

and soon whistles its way in…

It gushes, and pours with much gusto,

through the window sill, through the open door –

Teasingly at first, demanding soon enough.

Whispering sounds of the woods,

tell-tales of dancing trees and pregnant rivers,

A harbinger of lost times… It breezes past you.

Wheezing through closed doors and windows,

bursting with visions of the earth.

It leaves behind frizzies and ruff,

Upright in awe and mystified…

…The invisible drifter beckons!

(Picture credit: Kaushik Bajibab)


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