Band Suidakra


his melodic death metal band from Germany is visiting the country for the second time. And this time around, Suidakra has more is store for fans than anticipated.

Vocalist Arkadius Antonik opens up…

Winds of change: Over the years we had to deal with a lot of line-up changes. It’s not easy for a band member to tour a lot and record. And not having a regular job doesn’t help much. You’ve to be very passionate. We’ve had a lot of changes in our music itself. We always try to evolve, introduce new influences and never repeat ourselves.

Basic instincts: Metal is our main influence, no matter what kind of metal it is. The Celts were settled in the whole of Europe. We kind of feel connected to them. The good thing about being inspired by Celtic music is we are able to use legends and stories to create lyrical concepts.

Let’s fastforward: Currently, we are working on some new material and will record our next record. We’ve finished four songs and I’m sure the new album will be great. We will also play a few summer festivals in Germany before we go to Brazil and play our first headlining tour ever. I’m really excited!

A show with Overkill: Was awesome. It was our fourth USA tour, but we had a blast on this one. Overkill were cool guys and treated us well. The American fans have always supported us from the beginning and we also had the chance to reach out to new fans this time.

One helluva’ festival: Our performance at Wacken in 2007. We were the first ones to go on stage that day. During the soundcheck, there were not many people among the crowd. But when we came back to perform later, there were more than 10,000 metal fans. We were blown away!

What’s up Germany: It’s like any other scene. There are a lot of bands — some very talented and a few who’re good at imitating the talented ones. For me, it’s important to have a metal scene with new bands — that keeps metal alive.

An encore: Performing in India was one of the best shows. We enjoyed the country, the people and loved the fans. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to this gig. We have a few surprises in store! This time, I hope we will get more time to talk to a lot of Indian fans and friends!

My fav song: It depends on my mood. Right now I’m listening to the Transformers 3 soundtrack by Steve Jablonsky. I like movie scores!

The article was published in the Asian Age 


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